“Starting with the first lesson on the practice range, Natalie made very simple changes to my grip, set up, and swing with immediate improvements. We've now progressed to on course playing lessons and short game fundamentals with a highly collaborative, confidence building approach."

- Tom F, age 55

“As a total beginner, Natalie made changes to my set up that were very easy to understand and implement. She is extremely friendly and passionate about helping her students improve!"

- Jacqulyn S, age 34

“Natalie is super friendly and patient, no matter your skill level. With only a couple lessons, my confidence in my game has really risen!”

- Raegann C, age 24

“Natalie is an amazing golf instructor. She is attentive and caring, as well as your biggest supporter. After one lesson with her, I cut 20 strokes off my game. She makes it a point to be available for any questions you might have, even when you are not in a lesson. She's the best!”

- Mak P, age 31

More student testimonials coming soon!